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Stay in the loop with our exciting changelogs and news updates

Doran will keep you informed with our dynamic changelogs and captivating news updates. Whether it's groundbreaking features, enhanced user experiences, or industry insights, we've got you covered.

“We will be using Doran to prioritize review requests & also to make announcements regarding new deals and discounts on our website. I am sure they will emerge as one of the best Changelog & Roadmap tool in near future with community driven approach!”

Chaitanya Badave
Chaitanya Badave, Founder at Buy or Skip

Unleash your creativity through many channels

Our platform opens up a world of possibilities, offering you limitless channels to find your unique ideas. Doran is here to empower your creative journey.

  • Chrome Extension
  • Intercom
  • Slack
  • Widget

Excellent for branding

The power to communicate globally is in your hands with support for multiple languages. Complete customization as you have the ability to fully customize colors for both pages and widgets, ensuring every touchpoint goes smoothly with your brand identities.

“The app's ability to support multiple languages and complete customization options for pages and widgets make it an excellent choice for branding. The idea prioritization feature is also a great way to evaluate and focus on the best ideas that matter most.”

Phuong Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen, LTDHub
Multiple languages

Prioritize your best features

With Doran, you hold the power to really understand what your audience really needs. By hearing the voice of your customers and prioritizing the features that ignite their excitement, you're enhancing their experience.

“They're doing great! I'm going to give a shoutout on LinkedIn soon! Really like what they're building.”

Ujwal Kumar
Ujwal Kumar, Founder at Zintlr
Idea prioritization

Hear from other founders

We have worked with amazing people, loved by businesses worldwide.

An innovative customer-centric approach

Doran is an excellent platform that empowers businesses to improve their products by gathering and analyzing customer feedback. The changelogs, feature requests, and roadmap features are incredibly useful in keeping customers informed about updates and changes.

The app's ability to support multiple languages and complete customization options for pages and widgets make it an excellent choice for branding. The idea prioritization feature is also a great way to evaluate and focus on the best ideas that matter most.

Overall, Doran is an excellent tool for businesses looking to improve their products and enhance customer experiences.

Phuong Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen
Founder at LTDHub

Excellent Customer Service and Innovative Features

One of the standout features of Doran is its ability to collect customer feedback efficiently. With their app, I could gather valuable insights and opinions from my customers, helping me improve my products and services. The feedback collection process was seamless and hassle-free.

What sets Doran apart is their commitment to continuous improvement. They value every customer's feedback, always striving to meet expectations and deliver exceptional service.

This level of dedication truly impressed me and gave me confidence in their platform.


A perfect platform for all startup owner.

This is a very good platform for all startups/website owners. In just 1 platform, you can collect feedback from all of your users, showing your startup roadmap, and you can plan your startup progress based on your user's votes.

The owner of Doran also giving good support right now. Although this platform is still new, the owner is willing to cooperate and accept your recommendations for this platform. They keep upgrading.

Imzan zazin
Founder at Botzippy

Doran is exceptional

Doran is a great tool to build in public! You can smoothly accommodate customer preferences and build with customers.

The founder Andrew is highly visionary and has an exemplary outlook towards helping emerging products.

The product is a must recommended for improving your customer retention, product team, customer success, and more.

Ujwal Kumar
Ujwal Kumar
Founder at Zintlr

What do you get with our app?

Let's take a look around at all of the amazing features that are included in our app.


Capture the attention and interest of your valued customers and stakeholders by developing and sharing attracting announcements, timely updates, exciting news, promotions, and corporate events.

Feature requests

Take advantage of the power of client feedback and unlock the key to understanding your customers' insights. Consumers can quickly generate innovative ideas and proposals for new products or features.


By using Doran's interface, you are able to plan tasks and communicate product strategy, tools, and objectives. Doran is brilliant in keeping track of all consumer interactions and new product development.


Invite your team members to join you in managing your posts, ideas, and roadmap. Furthermore, by encouraging open communication among team members, you can foster a collaborative environment.


Unlock the power to personalize your experience with a range of add-ons that you can use. Showcase messages, banners, offers, announcements, videos, surveys, and embed any widget within your store.


Unlock the potential of our powerful Page features and experience a boost in your productivity. Our offerings are incredible, designed with a focus on even the smallest details and overall vibe.

Multiple language

Our feature-rich solution enables brilliant display of your website and widget content in multiple languages. Empower your audience and also your team to explore your site in their preferred language.

No branding

With our commitment to your brand's identity, we offer an experience with no external branding across all plans. Present your business authentically while enjoying our full range of features.

Idea prioritization

Make your way to success with Idea Prioritization. Explore the potential of your team by efficiently evaluating, organizing, and focusing on the ideas that matter most. Bring your best concepts to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling inquisitive? Have a read through some of our FAQs or contact our supporters for help

Is Doran free to use?

Yes, Doran is currently free to use during its user beta period.

Do you have multi-language support?

Yes! Now you can set up multiple languages for your workspace.

Do you have a public roadmap?

Yes! You can see our Doran own roadmap here

Can I host my roadmap or feedback board on my own domain?

Yes, you can customize your roadmap URL inside Doran

How do I get feedback from clients? Is it only via the widget or can I ask via a URL?

Your customers can feedback via widgets and page.

Can I send multiple features or bug fixes from the changelog to my users in one email?

Currently, you can't multiple posts in one email, but you can create a summary post and send them to customers via email.

Is it possible to change the domain?

Yes, you can change your own domain inside the page.

Is it possible to hide individual tabs or make them unlisted?

Currently, you can't hide tags, but we will add this feature to hide specific tags or topics soon.

I have 1 project but have not finished it yet, can I keep this project to private in Doran?

By default, Doran will not publish your page, you can keep it private until you complete the project.

What if I have several projects?

Doran allows you to create and manage multiple projects inside one account.


Let's take a look around at all of the amazing features that are included in our app.



The ultimate automation tool, connecting your favorite apps to streamline tasks and boost productivity effortlessly.



Webhooks are automated notifications sent from one application to another in real-time, facilitating seamless data integration and communication.



The all-in-one business management suite, empowering entrepreneurs with seamless integration of tools to simplify operations and growth.

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

A Chrome extension is a small software add-on that enhances the functionality of the Google Chrome web browser, offering custom features and tools.



Slack is a popular team collaboration platform that enables efficient communication, file sharing, and integration of various tools in one place.



Revolutionizing customer communication with its powerful messaging platform, creating meaningful connections and enhancing support experiences.

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