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Capture the attention and interest of your valued customers and stakeholders by developing and sharing attracting announcements, timely updates, exciting news, promotions, and corporate events.

Feature requests

Take advantage of the power of client feedback and unlock the key to understanding your customers' insights. Consumers can quickly generate innovative ideas and proposals for new products or features.


By using Doran's interface, you are able to plan tasks and communicate product strategy, tools, and objectives. Doran is brilliant in keeping track of all consumer interactions and new product development.


Invite your team members to join you in managing your posts, ideas, and roadmap. Furthermore, by encouraging open communication among team members, you can foster a collaborative environment.


Unlock the power to personalize your experience with a range of add-ons that you can use. Showcase messages, banners, offers, announcements, videos, surveys, and embed any widget within your store.


Unlock the potential of our powerful Page features and experience a boost in your productivity. Our offerings are incredible, designed with a focus on even the smallest details and overall vibe.

Multiple language

Our feature-rich solution enables brilliant display of your website and widget content in multiple languages. Empower your audience and also your team to explore your site in their preferred language.

No branding

With our commitment to your brand's identity, we offer an experience with no external branding across all plans. Present your business authentically while enjoying our full range of features.

Idea prioritization

Make your way to success with Idea Prioritization. Explore the potential of your team by efficiently evaluating, organizing, and focusing on the ideas that matter most. Bring your best concepts to life.

Single sign-in

Streamline user interaction. Say goodbye to repetitive logins – we empower you with easy access to enjoy our products, without the need of signing in repeatedly. Simplify access, amplify satisfaction.


Receive instant emails whenever there's an update or fresh ideas for your products. Stay ahead of the curve and collaborate effectively. Your direct line to innovation and progress – right in your inbox.


Expand your horizons with our Integration feature, designed to connect you with third-party products. Unlock a world of possibilities as you combine tools, services, and resources to amplify your capabilities.

Multiple roadmap

Doran empowers you to unlock the full potential of your product strategy by enabling you to effortlessly create and manage multiple product roadmaps. With this powerful tool, you can coordinate all aspects of your product's journey.

Approval policy

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our cutting-edge tool that automatically approves all user ideas and comments. Say goodbye to manual review processes and embrace the power of automation.

Tags and Topics

With Doran, you have the power to smoothly manage your ideas and posts by creating unlimited tags and topics. Doran's intuitive interface will ensure that no idea or post gets lost in the shuffle.

Task management

Discover the incredible capabilities of Doran, empowering you to effortlessly manage tasks and assignees for every single idea with ease and efficiency. This will save so much time and result in efficiency in task management efforts.

Dark mode

Dark mode feature is designed to safeguard your precious eyes and combat sleep loss. With Doran's dark mode, you can enjoy a visually soothing experience while protecting your eyes from harmful blue light.

Reaction & Feedback

Users have the incredible power to actively engage and provide valuable feedback on posts. Discover the power of gathering valuable insights from your customers' reactions to a new feature or notification.

Idea discussion

By leveraging the valuable insights from Doran, your team will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to engage in a truly comprehensive discussion about the needs and desires of your customers.

Custom domain

With Doran, you have the wonderful possibility to showcase your posts, ideas, and roadmaps under your very own customized domain to make your products more professional. For example: http://example.your-domain.com

Custom Email Sender

Doran's exceptional email assistance empowers you to effortlessly connect with your valuable customers using your own domain, resulting in a remarkable boost to your brand's visibility and recognition.

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