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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, a robust content marketing strategy for SaaS is a key driver for success. With fierce competition and an ever-growing demand for innovative solutions, it has become essential for SaaS companies to provide exceptional software and make compelling content that fits in with their target audience.

Why is SaaS Content Marketing a Little Complex?

The complexity of content marketing for SaaS can be attributed to the fact that:

  • The nature of SaaS services may require a considerable level of commitment, so there is a need for a SaaS content strategy to focus on building reputation and trust.

  • B2B businesses will need more people in the process of decision-making and also giving clear advice. As a result, the B2B transactions may have a more lengthened sales cycle.

  • As SaaS businesses operate on digital platforms, understanding can be challenging. Especially when one of the characteristics of SaaS is innovation and originality. Considering all the bullet points above, you should always keep in mind that the SaaS content marketing strategy is a marathon, not a sprint.

Why should SaaS Companies Focus on Content Marketing?

It is common knowledge that all kinds of companies should have a content marketing strategy for organic growth, and SaaS businesses are not an exception.

The extraordinary trait of the SaaS and the technology industry is that their customers constantly look for self-education and professional growth. In addition, many also take content produced by SaaS companies as their main source of insight and philosophy. As a result, the SaaS content strategy should always focus on publishing content intended to support its target audience in upgrading skills and knowledge. Customers will be pleased to be part of your loyal community when they feel that you are offering the correct range. Consequently, your brand will be established as a thought leader; in that way, the job of building a sustainable revenue stream can be a lot easier.

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Tips on a Successful Content Marketing Strategy for SaaS


After realizing the importance of comprehensive content marketing for SaaS businesses, let’s deep dive into some tips we recommend for executing brilliant content marketing for SaaS companies!

Ensure There is a Foundation in Place

Some SaaS companies may be frustrated and wonder why their content cannot bring in new sales. The content only works if a firm and well-planned marketing strategy is behind it. 

Before jumping straight into making content, you must bring the right “equipment” with you. Let’s find out below what are the names of these kinds of “equipment” for a successful strategy of content marketing for SaaS:

Make Sure You Have the Right Offerings and Brand Story

Many SaaS companies only emphasize SEO to generate traffic and leads. They often put their product and sales backward. But that is not the right approach; you should get your brand story and product in place before thinking of other aspects of content marketing for SaaS. The “equipment” for this phase includes STP, Unique Selling Point, main key message and your story of background and mission.

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Complete the Marketing Assets Checklist

 It is only good if you have the above assets but need the platform to demonstrate them. So make sure that you can tick the following checklist: an optimized website, a full-stack content marketing team, and tools for marketing like Google Analytics, as an example.


Set Your Content Marketing Objectives

A goal should be defined under a SMART model to guide every decision of the SaaS team. The top 3 goals for content marketing for SaaS are brand awareness, website traffic, and lead generation.

Research Your Target Audience Thoroughly

SaaS companies should never underestimate the importance of understanding customers’ insight in creating any strategy of content marketing for SaaS companies. This approach will give you a clear understanding of your viewers’ objectives, the problems they are facing and the doubts they have in their minds.

Nevertheless, researching customers will need more effort and devotion than other businesses, especially when it comes to B2B transactions.

This is because the purchasing process of B2B will involve many people, like decision-makers and influencers. For instance, when working with an ed-tech company, the decision-maker can be the CMO. Still, the user is the performance marketing executive, and the influencer is the CFO.

Understand the Industry and Your Product Clearly

When creating a strategy of content marketing for SaaS, you should make sure that you have enough expertise to consolidate the trust of the audience. Some SaaS companies compete in complicated sectors like fintech, health tech and legal tech, which can be quite complex for content marketers to learn from the beginning. 

However, there are always solutions for this. You can join in several customer research and sales processes in any form to know what the customers are all talking about right now. Moreover, never forget to subscribe to the newsletter or the latest publications or podcasts of your industry, and you can also build relationships with internal subject matter experts to stay up-to-date with the market and expertise trends.

Step Outside the Common Zone

Don’t just limit yourself to the problem-solving kind of content; try expanding your scope into more expansive fields, such as guides on executing both internal and external projects, being promoted into CXO, becoming an industry leader and providing mentorship and guidance to others.

Use Creativity to Generate Content Ideas and Become a Thought Leader


To become a thought leader in the SaaS industry, there is a need for a brand to become the sole source of information. Suppose the brand can provide information that people never come across in universities, establishing the brand as a thought leader. For example, take the case of Hubspot, the central concept of Hubspot is to introduce an innovative approach in inbound marketing called the “Funnel-to-Flywheel” model. As a result, this kind of content has made Hubspot build a loyal community that even includes its current product users.

As the SaaS industry continues to flourish, a well-executed strategy of content marketing for SaaS remains a powerful tool for SaaS businesses to stay ahead of the competition. By consistently delivering high-quality content that addresses the pain points of your target audience, you can establish your brand as a go-to resource and build lasting relationships with your customers.

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