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In business, feedback from customers is one of the most essential aspects to determine the success of a company. To collect that feedback, there is a need for customer feedback software and tools. However, choosing a suitable means can be a challenging task for small to enterprise companies. In this article, we will introduce you to some best customer feedback tools for your reference.

What is Customer Feedback Software?

Customer feedback software is a platform that will assist you in gathering feedback from customers and identifying gaps. In that way, this tool will be a decisive aspect in improving customer experience. Customer feedback tools are attached with various features like collecting customers’ opinions in different channels, asking critical questions at the right time, conducting analysis, and researching.

Why should We Use Customer Feedback Software?

With the help of chosen customer feedback platforms, companies can understand the needs, preferences, and also pain points of their target customers. By collecting feedback from various sources, companies can have a better view of how their products and services are perceived. This precious information can be used to identify rooms for improvement and also to make some needed changes to better the customer experience. 


Moreover, customer feedback tools can also play a role in measuring the satisfaction and loyalty of customers. These two are one of the most critical metrics in measuring business efficiency.

In short, using customer feedback software will help companies enhance competitiveness, improve customer retention and boost revenues.

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Criteria for Selecting Customer Feedback Software and Tools

When companies consider what customer feedback software to choose, there are some criteria to note to ensure they can make the right decision.

Integration into Existing Systems

First and foremost, that customer feedback tool has to be able to be integrated with existing apps and systems of that company. This will help in saving time and increase the productivity of employees; at the same time, this will put the risks of problems to the minimum level.

Alliance with the Need of the Company

Second, that customer feedback software has to meet the needs of the enterprises. For example, it should enable collecting and gathering feedback from many different sources like email, websites, social media, and online surveys. This tool should also be capable of providing customer emotion and intention analysis so that companies can have a more precise grasp of what the customers truly feel about their products or services. Besides, this tool has to provide reports and easy-to-understand reports so companies can make clever and on-time decisions.


The third criterion for choosing the proper customer feedback software is that the tool has to be flexible and meet the requirements for the future development of the enterprises. Companies should opt for platforms that have the prospects of expanding and upgrading in the future to meet the need for growth in the future.



Last but not least, that customer feedback software has to possess great security features to protect the information of customers. It has to comply with some regulations regarding information security and data safety.

Best Customer Feedback Software and Tools


Hubspot is a comprehensive marketing tool with a variety of features, including customer feedback analysis. This customer feedback software can provide companies with customer feedback management, instant response to inquiries of customers on your website, and also support in solving customers’ problems. 


Zendesk is a popular customer feedback tool that is widely used by thousands of companies in the entire world. It enables companies to create customer support sites, especially by creating an automotive support chatbot.


Intercom provides an online communication site between customers and companies. It offers tools to enable companies to communicate directly with customers on their website and also to manage conversations in your customer support center.


UserTesting is also a household name in the field of customer feedback software. This platform is a customer-testing site, enabling companies to collect customer feedback about their websites. It also offers some understanding and surveying of customer tools, which will optimize customer satisfaction.


Qualaroo is a customer feedback tool, but it leans more towards surveying customers on websites. This tool provides companies with a method to collect direct and instant feedback from customers on their websites. By using intelligent and on-point questions, Qualaroo is proved to be an efficient assistance in the journey of understanding customers for companies.


SurveyMonkey is one of the most fantastic customer feedback tools that many companies have used. It will provide companies with some standard and custom consumption surveys, which will surely help companies gain valuable feedback from customers.


Typeform has easy-to-use, able-to-customize survey forms for businesses. This customer feedback software will offer companies a way to collect customer responses to their products or services through interactive questions and excellent visual designs.



Hotjar is a full-stack customer feedback platform. It specializes in features like traffic analysis, website surveys, and customer tracking. This tool will enable companies to understand the customer journey of their website. In that way, companies will be more confident to make any changes to their website.

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Like its name, GetFeedback is a multi-feature customer feedback software. It provides customers with a way to collect customer reviews on all platforms. It also offers some intuitive survey tools to assist companies in their understanding of their target customers.

In conclusion, customer feedback software is necessary for small to enterprise businesses as the market is moving from product-centric to customer-centric. As a result, to meet business goals, companies must know their target customer thoroughly, and customer feedback tools can assist companies with that. Companies should choose tools that can be integrated easily into their existing systems, have the prospects of expanding and developing, have excellent security features, and can meet the needs of the companies. We have suggested nine fantastic customer feedback for small to enterprises businesses for your choice. Hope that you can leverage your business performance through the help of those amazing tools.

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