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Satisfied customers with your products and services are an essential factor for the success of your business. But how do you get to know your customers and determine what they want? Customer feedback survey is a great tool to help you understand what your customers think and experience about your products, services, and organization. The following article will show you how to collect customer feedback effectively.

Parameters about Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions that You should Know

In customer surveys, there are 3 standard metrics that you need to understand to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty. These figures include

Customer feedback is very important to the success of the business

CSAT - Customer Satisfaction Score

As its name suggests, CSAT is a customer satisfaction score that helps you understand their overall satisfaction level. Customers will rate their satisfaction with your product or service through binary feedback (yes/no or happy/sad face) or the Likert scale (From ‘‘Very Unsatisfied’’ to ‘‘Very Satisfied’’).

You can also calculate the percentage of satisfied customers from the metrics this scale provides. This ratio helps you identify problems and areas you need attention to improve.

NPS - Net Promoter Score

This metric is a fairly common indicator used to determine the likelihood that customers will recommend a product/service to their acquaintances, friends, and colleagues.

This index is based on a scale of 0 to 10, specifically as follows:

  • From 0 - 6 points: Detractor (Customers don’t want to recommend your products to acquaintances)

  • From 7-8 points: Passive (Customers do not actively recommend, but if someone asks, they will answer about your product)

  • From 9 - 10 points: Marketer (Customers are willing to recommend your products to acquaintances) It’s pretty easy to analyze NPS scores. After having the survey data, your job is always to minimize the detractors and turn passive customers into promoters of your products.

CES - Customer Effort Score

This metric determines how much effort you need to take for your customers to use your product or get support from the customer service team.

Through questions such as ‘‘Do you find it easy to use our products?’’ or ‘‘How do you feel getting support from our customer care service?’’ you can determine the Customer Effort Score. High scores indicate ease of use and customer satisfaction.

The voice of your customers is significant to your business's growth and success

How to Have Effective Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

Designing an effective survey is not easy. Here are some methods to help you increase your response rate and get accurate feedback from your customers.

Choose the Right Survey Tool.

If you do not choose the right customer survey tool, the information and customer feedback you collect will be useless. Regularly check basic parameters such as Response Rate and monitor customer feedback to assess whether your chosen survey tool is correct.

Ask Short and Relevant Survey Questions.

No customer likes to spend a lot of time answering surveys. So let’s shorten the customer feedback questionnaire and get straight to the point. For open-ended questions, the number of characters should be minimized, and optional questions should be selected to save time for the surveyor.

Survey at the Right Time.

Pay attention to the time that you survey customers. It doesn’t make sense to survey your customers when a new product launches in a day. At that time, customers do not have much time to experience, which will affect the value of the survey. Do a survey when customers have had a certain amount of time to use your services and products. But don’t take it too long because the customer may have forgotten about the experience.

Thank the Customer for Their Feedback.

Always thank your customers so that they feel satisfied when they help your company with the customer feedback form. Just small gifts like gift cards, discounts, or simply a thank you email can make customers happy for spending their time with you.

It is necessary to choose the right Survey Question to get quality feedback

30 Effective Customer Feedback Survey Questions for 2023

Indeed, you will have difficulty choosing the customer satisfaction survey questions. In particular, there are many types and scales of questions on the Internet. And what are the best and most relevant surveys for your business?

Here is a list of 30 questions that we have compiled from customer feedback templates. We also categorize them by use cases so you can easily find questions relevant to your niche.

Questions for Customer Service Experience

  1. How would you rate the support you receive?

  2. Can a support representative resolve the issue?

  3. How satisfied are you with the support?

  4. Has your problem been satisfactorily resolved?

  5. Please rate the quality of support provided.

  6. Are you satisfied with the time it took to resolve the issue?

  7. How easy is your query to be solved?

  8. How easy was it for us to solve your problem?

  9. How would you like us to improve our support?

  10. Please rate the overall support experience.

Questions for Customer Loyalty

  1. How likely will you recommend our products/services to your friends and colleagues?

  2. Would you like to use our products/services again?

  3. To what extent do our products meet your needs?

  4. Would you switch to a cheaper alternative if available?

  5. To what extent do our products meet your expectations?

  6. How would you rate the quality of our products/services?

  7. To what extent is our product better than existing substitutes?

  8. How would you feel if you had to stop using our products?

  9. Can we do anything to improve our product/service?

  10. What features would you like to see in the future?

Question for Website/User Experience

  1. How do you rate the quality of our products/services?

  2. Is our website easy to navigate?

  3. How easily can you find the information on our website?

  4. Does the website look good to you?

  5. Please rate your satisfaction with the selection of products available on the website.

  6. Does the website load quickly?

  7. To what extent are you satisfied with the website’s content?

  8. Would you consider revisiting our website?

  9. What more can we do to improve our website?

  10. Is there anything you would like to see on the website?

Here is helpful information about customer feedback survey. The voice of your customers is significant to your business’s growth and success. So, pay attention and make an effort to please your customers to help them have a good experience and become loyal to your products and services.

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