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In today’s fast-paced business world, having a clear and well-organized roadmap is essential for achieving project success. Fortunately, a lot of free roadmap tools are available to help you chart your course effectively. These tools offer dynamic features that simplify the creation, visualization, and communication of roadmaps, regardless of the complexity of your project. From startups to established enterprises, embracing these tools can enhance collaboration, align stakeholders, and keep everyone focused on the shared objectives. Below is the list of roadmap tools free for you to have a look at!

Definition of Product Roadmap Tools Free

Cloud-based software systems known as free product roadmap tools help product managers and product development teams organize and streamline the product plan.

While they don’t charge a monthly subscription, these roadmap tools free contain many of the same capabilities as paid product roadmap software. The majority of the tools on the list allow you to sign up for a free account and then upgrade to a subscription plan when your needs change or your team size increases.

Summaries of the Top 10 Free Product Roadmap Tools

The best features of each roadmap tool free are highlighted in the following brief descriptions.


Wrike is best for laying out objectives and milestones.

To create goals, track deliverables, and improve product selection, Wrike offers product roadmap options to choose from. Task and subtask management, interactive project boards, spreadsheets, account-wide work schedules, and cloud storage interfaces (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, MSFT Office 365, and OneDrive) are all available in the free edition.

The ideal method to organize and prioritize product development projects for your company is by team, time frame, or function. Additionally, you can categorize jobs with filters like estimated revenue or priority.

There is a free plan offered by Wrike that provides an unlimited number of users with a few restricted capabilities.

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Image is best for free product project templates.

For product managers who are unfamiliar with the world of product roadmaps, is an excellent option. The management tool provides an easy way to plan and monitor progress and is user-friendly. Using one of the 200+ project templates offered on their freemium plan, you may quickly develop a product roadmap, or you can start from scratch.

Once your roadmap is put up,’s UI is user-friendly and makes it simple to see the current state of the project and its expected path. Their boards and editable columns can be used to visualize the progress of a product over time. To ensure that nothing goes unnoticed, you can even create a board specifically for backlog items. offers a free subscription with limited features for up to 2 users. Gantt charts, timelines, and calendar views, for instance, are only available with subscription services.


Jira Software

Jira Software is best for agile product development roadmaps.

Agile development teams can use Jira Software as a product management tool to schedule, monitor, and release software projects. A visual roadmap can be made by product managers to show deadlines, tasks, and resource allocation. Each product can be divided into smaller, easier-to-manage portions and given to contributors and stakeholders. Users can follow the development of their work by creating boards with either a Scrum or a Kanban structure.

The collaborative capabilities of the program assist in maintaining alignment between teams and departments. On certain tasks, users can define dependencies and create reminders for themselves or other people. Users can add any relevant errors or issues that appear during the development process using the issue-tracking feature, which facilitates quick resolution. Users can monitor the advancement of their projects with the platform’s reporting and analytics services. Users can create reports that offer in-depth analyses of the status of each work as well as measures for the overall health and performance of the project.

Jira Software offers a free 7-day trial, and customers can subscribe to a subscription plan starting at $10 per user each month.

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Asana is one of the free roadmap tools that is best for integrations.

A popular project management tool with many capabilities is Asana. You can align tasks, record backlogs, and get an overview of project progress with Asana’s product roadmapping feature. The product roadmap excels at serving as one source of realities and keeps the team members on the same page.

Additionally, the free plan gives you access to over 100 third-party integrations (available in both premium and free alternatives). In contrast, other tools restrict access to these features to expensive subscriptions. You can connect to time-tracking applications, like Slack chat programs and cloud storage platforms.

With Asana pricing, a free plan with up to three project views is available.



Harvestr is best for customer feedback optimization.

Harvestr is a platform for collaborative product management that bases choices on the needs of actual consumers. Product managers can get a thorough understanding of consumer needs by centralizing client input and data for simple access.

A Chrome plug-in, email, Zapier, feedback classification, feedback numbers, prioritization tools, and private & public sharing options are just some of the features. You can create categories, highlight problems to address, and invite team members to collaborate using their free roadmapping tool.

There is a free plan offered by Harvestr. However, it only allows for one editor, five contributors, and 100 backlog items.


Aha is best for creating roadmap presentations.

The roadmap tool from Aha!’s suite of product development software facilitates strategic planning, concept generation, product plan building, and other tasks. Product teams can prioritize new platform features after gathering suggestions from their existing client base. The strategy development tool aids teams in defining their target end-user, positioning themselves in the market, and communicating the value of their product.

Teams can use the program to construct their visual roadmap when they are ready to start building their product. Product managers can define activities, set timelines, and link initiatives with the overall plan using roadmaps. Users can start with a general strategy using templates, then modify it to match the specifics of their product. To show the progress of an initiative visually, it can be color-coded.

In order to communicate ideas with stakeholders, road maps can be shared as photos, PDF files, or web pages. Users can even create presentations right inside the software. The reporting feature of the software provides visual reports of progress and KPIs. Dashboards can be adjusted to display the most relevant and significant information.

The program is trial-available for 30 days, and paid options begin at $59 per user per month.

Roadmap tools free have leveled the playing field for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to create and manage roadmaps with remarkable efficiency. With features like interactive timelines, customizable templates, and real-time collaboration, these tools make it easier than ever to navigate project complexities. As you explore and integrate these tools into your workflow, remember that the key lies not just in the technology itself but in the strategic utilization of these resources to foster teamwork, transparency, and, ultimately, the successful realization of your project’s goals.

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