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In today’s competitive digital landscape, customer engagement is the lifeblood of any successful SaaS (Software as a Service) company. Captivating and retaining customers is crucial for sustained growth and profitability. To help you navigate this path to success, we have uncovered five powerful user engagement strategies that can significantly improve customer engagement with your SaaS product. By implementing these strategies, you can forge meaningful connections, foster loyalty, and ultimately drive your company’s success in the ever-evolving SaaS industry.

What is Customer Engagement in SaaS Products?

Customer engagement, or user engagement, is how many users remain actively interacting with your SaaS Product at a specific time. This term is used to measure whether your products are beneficial to the users or not.

Why is Customer Engagement Important?

If you focus on customer engagement, you can make better products that fit perfectly with what the customers need; you can also optimize communication with your target audience and increase the customer lifetime value.

What is more, you can also take advantage of the word-of-mouth form of advertisement as there is a high likelihood that the engaged customers will recommend your products to people around them, like friends and relatives. This will result in increased revenue for your business, which will soften the financial burden for enterprises.

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Moreover, you should note that a considerable customer engagement rate will boost product activation rates. This will build a product community for your companies and increase free-to-trial plan ratios. Your company will stand out from all your competitors. They can be recognized as customer-centric enterprises that can provide a brilliant customer experience, which will leave a positive image in the customers’ minds.

All of the reasons above have stressed the need for effective user engagement strategies for the success of any SaaS company.

Five Strategies to Improve Customer Engagement

Many SaaS customer engagement tips for enterprises can be easily found on the Internet. Still, here we will sum up five tips for your journey of implementing user engagement strategies.

Understand Who is Your Customer

In implementing user engagement strategies, you should always ensure you can answer the question: why did your users choose your product in the first place? Below are some recommended self-asked questions for answer triggering:

  • What are their occupations?

  • What problematic issues do they usually encounter?

  • What are some of their favorite features?

  • Before your product, what tools did they use to solve their problems? You can ask these questions to your customers whenever during their onboarding, during the purchasing process, or a 1:1 in-depth interview with one of the members of your customer success team.

The answers from the customers will enable you to segment them into different cohorts. Each cohort should receive customized and relevant messages based on each part of their customer journey.

Identify Positive and Negative App Interaction

It would be best to never mix up negative and positive app engagement from your customers. Not all engagement is equal to the customers’ interest in your products. It may show that they don’t know what is happening inside your offerings, or they can be frustrated about the performance of your products.

As a result, you should identify what are the positive signals and what are the negative ones to improve your products for a better customer satisfaction rate.

Build Interactive Walkthroughs and Onboarding Checklists for Guidance

The third piece of advice for user engagement strategies is to build interactive walkthroughs and onboarding checklists. So what exactly are these two features for?

The interactive walkthroughs will be in charge of instructing users so they won’t get confused and get lost in your product. However, you should only pick the most essential features a newbie needs to know. Then it would be best if you made it short and straightforward. Never try to combine a lot of information on your first greeting tour, as that will overwhelm users, and they may not remember anything about your products.

An onboarding checklist comprises what a user should do to activate the product thoroughly. For instance, a product tutorial might encourage new users to use a feature and share a post on social media to achieve a comprehensive product experience.

Build Feedback Opportunities from the very Beginning

Take an example from our real lives; when you first start onboarding in a new company, HR will show you the company culture and stress its importance. This is aimed at making an impression on the newcomer - one they hope to see the new hire patterns.


This process is not so much different from onboarding people to your products. Suppose you can build a feedback culture from the beginning. In that case, your users feel that their opinions are being heard and respected, so there is a high chance that they will be more open to communication and giving feedback. Product localization can significantly assist if you want to expand this feedback culture worldwide.

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Concentrate on UX and UI Design

Last but not least, in the user engagement strategies, you should focus on advancing user experience and user interface design to increase your products’ love and engagement.


A high percentage of users won’t continue to use an app because of poor performance, according to a report from Toptal. Also, 50% of customers will spread their satisfaction to people around them.

As a result, you should never underestimate the cruciality of UI/UX design if you want to build a platform that will attract great engagement and sharing. The more joyful experience your app provides, the better the engagement rates you will achieve. 

This step will call for a need for some in-app tutorials. Besides product walk-throughs mentioned earlier, your companies can introduce in-product marketing strategies with personalized messages or product videos and a clear call-to-action to attract customers to fill in the sign-up form for your new offerings.

As you embark on your user engagement strategies with your SaaS product, remember that building strong relationships takes time, effort, and a customer-centric approach. Embrace the journey, learn from your customers, and let their feedback guide you toward making a remarkable SaaS product that stands out in the crowded market. With dedication, perseverance, and a customer-first mindset, you can forge lasting relationships and achieve tremendous growth in the competitive world of SaaS.

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