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Crafting an effective NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey email template is crucial for engaging customers and soliciting valuable feedback. The design and content of the email template play a significant role in encouraging recipients to participate in the survey. Understanding the elements and best practices in creating an impactful NPS survey email template is essential for businesses aiming to gather actionable insights and improve customer satisfaction.

NPS Survey Email Template

76% of customers tell friends and family about negative customer service experiences, per the study “Quantifying the business impact of customer service.”

Therefore, it is wise to find the source of a customer’s displeasure and address it before they spread bad word of mouth.

You can get actionable feedback from respondents via NPS emails, allowing you to determine whether or not they are satisfied.

But how should an NPS email be written?

Let’s talk about some NPS survey email examples that you can send to your staff members and clients.

Customer NPS Survey Email Template

Customer NPS Survey Email Template

Subject: (Name), We Value Your Opinions! Could You Please Take Two Minutes Out of Your Busy Day to Rate Us?

Email Body:

Hello (Name of Recipient),

We appreciate what you do and thank you for it. We sincerely hope that working with (Company Name) is enjoyable for you.

We are always striving to offer you the best products and services available. To help us improve your experience even further, kindly provide comments.

Really grateful. 

Team (Name of Company)

Employee NPS Survey Email Template

Employee NPS Survey Email Template

Another example of an NPS survey email template that may be used to get employee input is provided below.

Subject: We Value Your Views Regarding This Company!

Email Body:

Hello, (Name of Employee).

I hope it’s fun for you to work here. Being able to count you among our family’s many proud members. We value the diligent job you have done.

I have a little request for you. Kindly provide your thoughts on the steps we are doing to improve the work environment at this organization.

I’m grateful. 

Team (Name of Company) 

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Advice for Email NPS Surveys

Have you ever had the experience of asking customers for feedback and getting no response even after reminding them via email?

So how would one handle this kind of situation? How do you plan to raise the response rate to the email survey?

We’ve put together a list of excellent recommendations that you may utilize to implement your NPS email survey for your reference:

Recall the Common NPS Questions

In an NPS survey, there are two questions. The first is a Likert-scale question designed to determine how likely it is that customers are to tell others about your product.

In general, it says:

“How likely are you to tell your friends and family about our business?”

You can always reword the inquiry to make it more appropriate for the situation.

The second inquiry is to ascertain the rationale behind the consumers’ score with a follow-up question.

Avoid adding any new questions when you are preparing the NPS survey email template. To calculate NPS, try to limit your questions to these two.

To acquire actionable data that paints a thorough picture of the scenario, the usual NPS questions are sufficient.

Divide Your Audience

Sending Net Promoter Score email surveys to your audience after audience segmentation is the key to gathering trustworthy and useful feedback.

The audience can be divided into groups according to age, gender, geography, purchasing patterns, duration (the length of time they have been connected to you), or any other variable that makes sense for your research.

You can better understand how one group varies from another by dividing up your survey responses. Creating ways to enhance your clients’ experience becomes quite simple once you segment your consumer base and give them personalized emails. 

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Survey Branding Is Quite Effective

Survey Branding Is Quite Effective

Users will be more receptive to your brand image if you personalize your NPS survey email templates using fonts, logos, colors, and visuals that complement your business theme. Using branding gives your survey credibility and legitimacy.

It shouldn’t seem as though someone else is posing inquiries on your behalf. Your brand should be reflected in your survey. It is essential to brand all customer touchpoints, including surveys.

Remember to Personalize It

You may make the NPS survey email template  look prettier by personalizing it with the first names of your responders. 

Rather than asking, 

“How likely are you to tell your friends about our product?”


“Henry, what is your likelihood of telling your friends about our product?”

Using your customers’ names in your communications helps them feel more connected to your brand. Using tailored messages makes consumers feel strongly, which increases customer engagement levels and motivates them to complete the survey. 

Surveys Optimized for Mobile

Email surveys that are optimized for mobile devices have immense power. When a survey is mobile-friendly, its layout automatically adapts to the size of your mobile device’s screen. This implies that both desktop and mobile versions of your email surveys will look the same.

If you want to gather information for your market research from a sizable sample size, you must make sure that your NPS emails are responsive to mobile devices. These days, mobile phone usage is at an all-time high. 

As a matter of fact, 37% of American internet users now primarily use smartphones. 

Thus, you will be losing out on a lot of audience feedback if your survey is not responsive to mobile devices. 

Make Use of A/B Testing

Sending two versions of your email NPS to a limited target audience group in order to compare which version performs better is known as A/B testing

The remainder of your email list is then sent NPS survey email template that yields better results. As a result, there is a higher likelihood of email opens and, eventually, survey completion rates. 

Because various audiences respond differently to different marketing strategies, A/B testing is essential. It’s a common saying that “one shoe doesn’t fit all.” Similarly, what appeals to one set of people may not appeal to another.

For example, you can determine which of your two sample NPS emails has higher open rates by including more visual information in the first one.

In conclusion, a well-designed NPS survey email template can significantly impact the response rates and quality of feedback received. By implementing personalized, concise, and visually appealing email templates, businesses can increase survey engagement, gather valuable insights, and drive strategic improvements that positively influence customer loyalty and overall satisfaction.

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