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Selecting the right NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey tool is a critical step for businesses aiming to measure and enhance customer loyalty. NPS survey tool streamlines the process of gathering feedback, analyzing responses, and deriving actionable insights. Understanding the key features and functionalities of NPS survey tools is essential for companies seeking efficient and effective ways to gauge customer advocacy.



Qualaroo is a top-notch NPS survey tool that measures customer satisfaction (CSAT) and provides insights to lower customer attrition by distributing surveys via email, in-app, links, web browsers, and other methods.

In order to determine customer satisfaction, the general perception of the brand, and the effectiveness of marketing efforts, users can employ NPS surveys as a component of their voice of the customer research. 

It facilitates a vast array of interfaces with well-known programs (such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and MailChimp) to improve not just NPS but also the amount and quality of customer input.

Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes


  • With its simple survey creation capability, you may deploy surveys in a few minutes.

  • Use the more than 40 pre-built survey templates to quickly and easily create stunning surveys.

  • Monitor various satisfaction measures by using the dashboard’s NPS scores.

  • Provides a variety of survey formats, including NPS, CES, CSAT, UES, and others, to assist in gathering data of all kinds.

  • Ask the correct question at the appropriate time using these ten+ question kinds.

  • Make use of sophisticated targeting options to target particular customers.

  • Make sure you only gather information that is pertinent to you by using branching and skip logic. 


  • Constant surveys provide a wonderful surveying experience.

  • Automated analytics to enable timely and precise reporting

  • Embed surveys on a variety of platforms and channels with ease.


  • A little bit more functionality for the dashboard is needed.

Price: starting at $69 per month. It is not a free NPS survey tool.

Integration: Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, Mailchimp, and more. 

G2 Evaluation: 4.4/ 5

Customer feedback: 

“We searched for a survey tool, and Qualaroo has everything we needed.An AI-powered sentiment analysis engine, an NPS chart, a text analytics engine, and a builder without coding. It offers a comprehensive dashboard for survey responses that allows you to review and act upon each result.”

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ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker is a great NPS survey tool for figuring out how loyal your customers are and how to make them even more. These methods are discovered by examining the input obtained from follow-up questions in the NPS surveys that ProProfs offers in a customisable format. 

The solution allows you to share the NPS survey through a variety of channels by supporting different campaign management.

Whether your surveys are for customer service or post-sale, ProProfs’ extensive knowledge with survey timing and design helps you prevent survey fatigue from ruining your meticulously and precisely targeted survey data.

Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes


  • With the aid of expertly constructed survey templates, quickly create NPS surveys.

  • Use the 20+ question kinds to ask any kind of question.

  • Through white labeling, customisation, and built-in themes, make your surveys a representation of your company.

  • Make wise selections by keeping an eye on your real-time NPS rankings.

  • Through personalized reports and response analysis, unearth important information and insights. 


  • Distribute questionnaires throughout over six channels.

  • Full perspective on the clientele’s experience

  • NPS scores are automatically categorized.


  • No feature for advanced analytics

Pricing: starting at $25 per month. It is not a free NPS survey tool.

Integration: Salesforce, WordPress, Campaign Monitor, and more.

G2 Evaluation: 4.3/5

Customer feedback: 

“I adore being able to design unique, individualized surveys, and the capacity to distribute the online survey within predetermined boundaries to multiple locations, as well as the analytics technology to examine survey findings. Presenting our executive board with our positive scores and analytics using this NPS survey tool to bolster our outreach, sales, and marketing initiatives was always a pleasure. ProProfs Net Promoter Score allows businesses to view their performance from the perspective of their customers, which is, in my opinion, crucial for any business looking to succeed.”

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Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is an all-inclusive NPS survey software that is named in the list of best NPS survey tools that lets you measure client loyalty using NPS surveys. Surveys measuring the Employee Net Promoter Score (NPS) can also be used to gather information about workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

The application provides several options for customizing surveys, including follow-up questions to gather in-depth information, white-labeling, branding, and custom themes. 

You can also set up automated notifications and alerts for your team to keep them informed about new responses using this NPS survey tool.

Zonka Feedback NPS survey tool offers comprehensive NPS survey platform such as data, such as Insights, Trends, Text Analysis, and more, in addition to customisation, to go further into the responses and complete the feedback loop.


  • Stunning surveys can be created with WYSIWYG Survey Editor’s real-time preview feature.

  • Enables multilingual surveys in order to increase reach.

  • Over fifty readily usable survey forms and templates.

  • Provides options for response limiting, skip logic, and reminders to improve the quality of the data.

  • Centralized inbox for tracking and organizing comments from many sources.

  • Adaptable survey customization choices.

  • Offers over 1,400 APIs for app integration.


  • Behavioral analytics and in-depth reporting, including heatmaps and sentiment analysis.

  • The option to alter the survey’s URL.


  • More instructional films are needed.

Pricing: starting at $49 per month. It is not a free NPS survey tool.

Integration: APIs, Zendesk, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor

G2 Evaluation: 4.7/ 5

Customer feedback: 

“Zonka Feedback is an excellent survey tool that offers a complete solution for obtaining user ideas and feedback. Strong features of the program include templates, response pipeline, survey logic, and an intuitive WYSIWYG survey builder.”

In conclusion, choosing an appropriate NPS survey tool is instrumental in unlocking the full potential of customer feedback. Leveraging robust functionalities and user-friendly interfaces offered by NPS survey tools empowers businesses to collect, interpret, and act upon customer sentiments, ultimately fostering stronger relationships and boosting overall customer loyalty.

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