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Using the appropriate methods to quantify Customer Effort Score (CES) is crucial when it comes to customer-centric strategy. Choosing the right CES survey tools is crucial for companies looking to measure and raise customer satisfaction levels. This in-depth article focuses on how to select the best CES survey software, tools, or applications for your company’s requirements so that you may improve customer experiences and make well-informed decisions.

Factors to Consider When Choosing CES Survey Tools

CES survey tools encompass software, applications, or platforms designed to facilitate the creation, deployment, and analysis of CES surveys. These tools assist businesses in collecting valuable feedback from customers regarding their experiences, ease of interactions, and overall satisfaction levels. Below are some criteria you should consider when choosing a CES survey tool for your business.

  • Ease of Use: Opt for user-friendly CES survey software or apps that simplify the survey creation process and offer intuitive interfaces for both administrators and respondents.

  • Survey Customization: Look for tools that allow customization of survey questions, branding options, and flexibility in designing surveys tailored to your business needs.

  • Data Analysis Capabilities: Choose CES survey tools equipped with robust analytics features to interpret survey responses effectively and derive actionable insights.

  • Multi-channel Compatibility: Select tools that support multiple survey distribution channels, such as email, websites, mobile apps, or social media platforms, to reach a diverse customer base.

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Top CES Survey Tools in the Market



Renowned for its user-friendly interface, SurveyMonkey offers customizable CES survey templates, diverse question types, and powerful analytics for in-depth insights. It is renowned for having pre-made templates and surveys that work well on mobile devices. In order to swiftly produce relevant reports, you may group your surveys using filters, tags, and other aspects, and easily customize follow-up questions. 

Top Qualities:

  • Autonomous hyperlinks and answer verifications

  • More than 200 premade survey templates

  • Instantaneous reactions, synopses, documentation, and images


  • Submission of an anonymous survey

  • Specialized dashboards and reporting instruments


  • Theme and survey structures that are antiquated and dull

  • Minimal aspects of customisation and branding

Pricing: Their Basic plan includes a free version. The monthly cost of the premium plan is $20/user. 



A comprehensive platform offering advanced survey features, Qualtrics allows for sophisticated survey designs, real-time analytics, and customizable reporting options.

Qualtrics is the best option if you’re looking for a dependable Customer Effort Score product. It provides more than 50 templates and more than 100 different kinds of survey questions. Among its rivals, its analytics are among the best. 

Top qualities:

  • Surveys conducted both offline and online

  • An AI tool to raise response rates to surveys

  • There are more than thirty graph types and visual data representations available.


  • Offers sophisticated tools for creating and launching surveys.

  • Easily integrates with current software


  • Difficult to understand, particularly for inexperienced users

  • Having too many features frequently leads to confusion

Pricing: For a quote, get in touch with the customer service department. 



You can gather data and do both qualitative and quantitative analysis with the aid of this online survey tool. With its user-friendly interface and 300+ survey templates, QuestionPro offers quick and simple surveys. It also provides a personalized dashboard and real-time data, which facilitates comprehension of survey results.

Top Qualities:

  • Make mobile-friendly surveys and distribute them via various channels. Email, SMS, QR codes, integrated pop-ups, and social networking outlets are some of these platforms.

  • Analyze data from various respondent groups or segments.

  • Create more individualized survey experiences by altering survey pathways according to respondents’ responses. 


  • It is basic and user-friendly.

  • Every piece of data is gathered and safely kept.

  • Multilingual capability.


  • Restricted ability to customize survey designs.

  • A steeper learning curve

  • High prices

Pricing: There is a limited-feature free version available, and subscription plans begin at $99 a month for one user.



The goal of the Qualaroo CES tool is to gather user reviews from pop-up windows, product pages, websites, embedded links, and other online sources. It swiftly captures responses and transacts with clients using Qualaroo-Nudges. Among its user-friendly features are text analysis, sentiment analysis, real-time updates, and more. 

Top Qualities:

  • Provides multichannel surveying and multilingual support.

  • Pre-built templates, skip logic, and prototype testing

  • Modifications to the design and responsiveness 


  • Excellent for white-labeling and targeting

  • Nudges, or pop-up tools, are ideal for A/B testing.


  • Limited capacity for reporting and grouping

  • Not able to replicate desktop nudges on mobile

Pricing: If paid annually, the basic plan (contextual + email surveys) begins at $79 per month.



Before, InMoment was known as Wootric. If you want to conduct micro surveys or get in-depth CES insights, this is the ideal CES tool. It works flawlessly with NPS, CES, and CSAT surveys and streamlines data analysis procedures. Additionally, InMoment offers push notifications, real-time alerts, and custom filters. 

Top Qualities:

  • Multichannel platform and multilingual surveys

  • Predictive analysis, advanced analytics, and text 

  • CS design and strategy to launch surveys based on events 


  • Best customer service compared to its rivals

  • Easily construct surveys and use clever analytics to identify issues


  • Lack of customization options for surveys and questions

  • Inadequate closed-loop assessments and comparisons

For pricing, get in touch with the team. 

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Steps in Implementing CES Survey Tools Effectively

  • Define Objectives: Clearly outline the goals and objectives of using CES survey app to ensure alignment with your business strategies.

  • Select Appropriate Metrics: Identify specific CES survey questions and metrics relevant to your industry and customer touchpoints.

  • Design Engaging Surveys: Utilize the chosen CES survey tools to create surveys that are concise, engaging, and user-friendly for respondents.

  • Distribute and Collect Data: Implement multi-channel distribution strategies to reach a diverse customer base and collect comprehensive feedback.

  • Analyze and Act on Insights: Leverage the analytics capabilities of the CES survey tools to derive actionable insights and implement improvements based on the collected data.

Choosing the right CES survey tools is a critical step in enhancing customer experiences and driving business growth. By considering factors like ease of use, customization options, analytics capabilities, and compatibility, businesses can select the most suitable CES survey software or apps. Implementing these tools effectively enables companies to gather valuable customer feedback, derive actionable insights, and make informed decisions that lead to improved customer satisfaction and long-term success.

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